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If ever you lost your key, have a broken key, or need a key replacement, don’t worry! Your local locksmith can help you with that.

A locksmith is equipped to duplicate various keys by cutting new keys according to the code, impressioning the lock, and disassembling the lock. However, you might ask yourself, “How long does it take a locksmith to make a new key?” The best answer is that it depends on many factors. Read on to learn more!

Requests for spare keys are what locksmith services receive every single day. People must usually duplicate house or car keys to give to family members for emergencies. Keys can be made from an old key. But you must consider that while most locksmiths are highly trained professionals, some are faster than others, and some may have more expertise with specific types of keys.

How Are New Keys Made?

Impressioning A Lock

With impressioning, making a key in about 15 minutes is common, and 10 minutes is possible if they’re highly skilled.

The locksmiths typically use a key blank, file, key grip, and a magnifying glass. Key blanks are often made of brass or a nickel-brass mixture, and the pins in a lock are also made of brass.

A blank key is inserted into the lock, then shifted to bind the pins. The key is moved back and forth when the pins are binding to forge marks on the blank. Once there are required markings, the blank key is removed from the lock for filing to produce the cuts. It should have the right size so that the pins can be raised.

Cutting According to the Code

Getting a key code typically needs only 5 to 10 minutes. A key code is a series of alphanumeric characters that display the characteristics of a lock.

The codes are entered into the software to process the data or do it by hand to determine the lock’s details.

While it is the most effortless way, this process cannot be used every time, particularly during the absence of the original key. Usually, the codes are imprinted on the keys or the key code cards. And on many small locks, the key code is engraved on the front.

A standard lock’s code may be imprinted or marked in the lock’s housing. But the lock has to be removed first to obtain the code.

On the other hand, creating a new car key is far easier. If you’re hiring a professional locksmith, they can get the key code from the automaker. Sometimes the key code is in the VIN (vehicle identification number) available in the vehicle logbook with valid proof of ownership like the title, registration, insurance, and driver’s license.

Regarding the latest vehicles, the process can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes. Most modern car keys and fobs are built with a transponder chip that uses radio waves to transmit special codes to your vehicle’s ignition system. Transponder keys come in different shapes and sizes because each automotive manufacturer develops its system.

With a skilled locksmith on your side, you can get your new key duplicated. If the key you have lost is a transponder key, the process will take longer.

Disassembling The Lock

If the lock can be dismantled, a locksmith can crack the key code and make an identical key. This will enable the locksmith to get precise and actual measurements of the internal parts and the pins within the lock cylinder, helping the locksmith to forge the right key with the lock. However, disassembling the lock is a much more complicated procedure for locksmiths, unlike the previous two methods.

Different Types Of Keys A Locksmith Can't Duplicate

A professional and licensed locksmith can cut all keys, but some key types can’t be duplicated for various reasons.

Keys marked as “Do Not Duplicate” don’t suggest that you can’t really duplicate them – it’s only a general precaution often created by business owners to prevent dispensable copying. Although chain hardware stores may refuse to cut these keys, locksmiths usually allow for a duplicate key.

There are keys Locksmiths refer to as “restricted.” These keys cannot be duplicated because the manufacturer holds all the duplication rights.

Furthermore, there are a vast number of types of house keys and types of vehicle keys. Some can be rare, so not all locksmiths have the suitable instruments or proficiency in cutting them. For instance, it is a doable process if you need a standard key. But if you need a more intricate or high-security key, it may take longer.

Is It Possible To Duplicate A Skeleton Key?

Suppose you collect medieval skeleton keys or stay in an antique home that still uses skeleton keys to unlock doors. The good news is that, in most cases, a skeleton key can be duplicated – with the help of an experienced locksmith.

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