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A door handle is a device used for opening and closing a door. It enables the users to open a door from both inside and outside. Door handles have been in use since ancient times, and they have been essential devices ever since.

When door knobs break, we often do not know who to turn to for help; they are such common devices that we often don’t know who we can call to have them fixed. When knobs break, most people assume that a locksmith can help them fix them.

Do professional locksmiths repair door handles? We will answer this question and more in our blog.

Can Locksmiths Repair Door Knobs?

If your door knob breaks, you may think that the best person to call is a locksmith. Unfortunately, a locksmith may not be the right person to call. Locksmiths can rekey locks, install door closers, fix locks and install new ones. They can handle all the locks you can imagine, from your bedroom door to your car door, but they may not be able to fix problems with most interior door knobs.

If the door lock has broken—not the door knob itself—then a locksmith can help. Fixing broken locks is their specialty.

Can A Locksmiths Replace Doorknobs?

If your door knob is broken, there are a few locksmiths who can fix door knobs, so all you need to do is find them. However, if you are not attached to your current door handle, you can always have a new one installed.

Many locksmiths install door knobs with new locks. While it may seem like a hassle to have a new lock and new door handles installed, a professional will make it a stress-free experience. Call D & L Locksmiths today and inquire about our high-quality door knob repair service.

First: Clean Your Door Lock

When a door lock stops working, our minds first go to the most common mistakes that can locks to break. In reality, your door locks may just be dirty or dry, not broken.

If the lock is the issue, lubricate the locking mechanism with graphite. Do not use any sort of oil on your lock because it can cause it to gum up.

Consider The Latch

If your door handle seems to work but your door will not stay closed or close properly, the latch is likely at fault.

When a door does not latch into position, the latch and the strike plate are usually misaligned, causing the latch bolt to miss the strike plates when you go to close the door. Test to make sure the door handle actuates the latch correctly; close your door slowly and watch how the latch bolt hits the strike plate. If it goes above or under the strike plate, adjust it accordingly.

Unscrew the plate, set screws aside, adjust the position of the plate, and then re-screw it into position.

Adjusting the position of the plate will help the door latch correctly.

Exterior Door Latching Issues

If your front door or other exterior doors keep swinging open after a gust of wind, this could be a sign that it is not latching correctly. Try this method and see whether it helps! If not, have a door knob installed for security measures.

Repair Broken Locks Quickly With Professional Help

When door locks break, call a professional locksmith. Locksmiths can rekey your locks without having to replace any door handles, so you will not have to go out and buy a new doorknob. You can have new door knob locks installed instead.

To help you understand how locksmiths can help, we will explain some of the ways lock mechanisms break and how locksmiths fix them below.

Keys Break or Get Stuck in the Lock

A key stuck in a lock can be annoying, but a broken key in a lock can be devastating; it can cost a lot of money to replace a door handle, especially if it is for a new car door.

A key can get stuck or break in an interior handle when lock components are misaligned or dry. Call a locksmith immediately if your key becomes stuck or broken in your car door.

Key Will Not Work

Most doors and keys become worn over time. When this happens, the same key you have been using may not work in the lock.

If the key will not work on the right door knob, lubricate the keyhole with graphite. It is safe to assume that the lock has likely seized, making it difficult to use your key.

After lubricating the keyhole, try turning the key again. If the key will not turn, new keys may be needed. Most locksmiths are skilled at cutting keys, and it is a relatively easy job. They can make a new key for your old locks. If that does not work, the inner locking mechanisms may be worn.

Keys Turn But Do Not Lock

If you use your keys to lock your door, but the door never locks, it renders the lock useless—there is no security. That is why you should have your lock repaired immediately.

When your door or deadbolt lock incorrectly, the parts of your lock are usually to blame; small or worn parts can cause the key to turn but never push the knobs. As a result, the key will turn but the door will not lock.

Call a locksmith to help fix your locks. A trained locksmith can help repair your door locks.


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